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beloved adj : dearly loved [syn: darling, dear] n : a beloved person; used as terms of endearment [syn: dear, dearest, loved one, honey, love]

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  • /bɪˈlʌvɪd/


  1. loved




  1. someone who is loved; something that is loved


someone who is loved

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Beloved has several meanings:
beloved in French: Beloved
beloved in Japanese: Beloved (曖昧さ回避)

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admired, adored, beau, beloved object, cherished, crush, darling, dear, dear one, dearly beloved, esteemed, favorite, flame, heartthrob, held dear, honey, idolized, inamorata, inamorato, ladylove, light of love, love, loved, loved one, lover, pet, popular, precious, prized, respected, revered, steady, sweet, sweetheart, sweetie, treasured, truelove, valued, well-beloved, well-liked, white-haired
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